First, Indigenous Peoples Day! A Celebration and Teach-In

On October 12th, 2017 – Indigenous 215 Collective with the support of Philadelphia Assembled: Futures, organized their first Indigenous Peoples Day–( often a replacement for Columbus Day)– in the city. The event celebrated the diverse community of Indigenous people from the western hemisphere living the region, as well as, it educated the larger non-indigenous community about Indigenous histories and perspectives that are so needed in the city.

The event was in honor of the Lenni-Lenape today, on whose ancestral territory we stand, and in celebration to the multi-ethnic community of Native American, First Nation, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian and other Indigenous Peoples living in the Philadelphia region. It also honored the Taino Reconstruction Movement, the Mexica Movement and the many Indigenous nations and communities from North to South America who are on the frontline defending the earth and their sovereignty.

The event featured speakers from the The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal NationRamapough Lunaape Nation, Taino Council Guatu Ma Cu a Boriken , Mexicas and local organizations Ollin Yoliztli CalmecacNatives at Penn, and Quechua Penn. Also it featured dancers and drummers from the Aztec/Mexica community, the Nanticoke Indian Dance Troupe and Tide Water Agency Drummers.

Here is our event in pictures:



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“Dismantle all Columbus Monuments in the City of Philadelphia”

This petition is to call for the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to join a growing number of cities around the United States to remove the Christopher Columbus monument located on Delaware Avenue and Dock Street, as well as the statue of Columbus located at Marconi Plaza and cease honoring a man who was instrumental in the genocide of millions of people.

Throughout the United States and the Americas, cities and towns are dismantling their monuments and statues of Christopher Columbus, a man who was erroneously labeled as a hero in American history books. The claim that Columbus and his men “discovered” the Americas is proven to be false as the continents of the Western Hemisphere were already inhabited by many millions of Indigenous Peoples for millennia. Do we really want to celebrate the legacy of a man who was responsible for the rape, murder and enslavement of countless Indigenous and African people?

To honor Columbus with these monuments, Philadelphia will continue to be not only stuck in time but also insult the millions of human beings (past and present) who endured the world’s longest holocaust in history, including the descendants of the original inhabitants of this region, the Lenape, all those who are of Indigenous American ancestry throughout the Americas, and all descendants of the African Peoples kidnapped from their homeland and brought to the Americas as slaves.

The denial of the historical facts concerning Columbus’ role in the genocide of the Indigenous people of the Caribbean and enslavement of African people contradicts the very essence of being a Sanctuary City.

Therefore be it resolved that the City of Philadelphia should dismantle any public monuments and statues dedicated to Christopher Columbus within city limits.

Rise and take a stand!

Please sign the petition and share the petition with your family and friends, thank you!

Information on why we shouldn’t honor Columbus:

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Ban Columbus Day? There Shouldn’t Be a Debate

Christopher Columbus was a lost sadist. There shouldn’t be a holiday in his name

This petition will be delivered to:
Mayor Jim Kenney
Philadelphia City Council