First, Indigenous Peoples Day! A Celebration and Teach-In

On October 12th, 2017 – Indigenous 215 Collective with the support of Philadelphia Assembled: Futures, organized their first Indigenous Peoples Day–( often a replacement for Columbus Day)– in the city. The event celebrated the diverse community of Indigenous people from the western hemisphere living the region, as well as, it educated the larger non-indigenous community about Indigenous histories and perspectives that are so needed in the city.

The event was in honor of the Lenni-Lenape today, on whose ancestral territory we stand, and in celebration to the multi-ethnic community of Native American, First Nation, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian and other Indigenous Peoples living in the Philadelphia region. It also honored the Taino Reconstruction Movement, the Mexica Movement and the many Indigenous nations and communities from North to South America who are on the frontline defending the earth and their sovereignty.

The event featured speakers from the The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal NationRamapough Lunaape Nation, Taino Council Guatu Ma Cu a Boriken , Mexicas and local organizations Ollin Yoliztli CalmecacNatives at Penn, and Quechua Penn. Also it featured dancers and drummers from the Aztec/Mexica community, the Nanticoke Indian Dance Troupe and Tide Water Agency Drummers.

Here is our event in pictures: